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Physical Brochure Design

LaGuardia Community College's Aquatics & Fitness Brochure Design

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Brochure Design




2 Months


LaGuardia Community College is a community college in Long Island City, New York.

There had been a need for updated aquatics & fitness brochures, and I was the person who was the most qualified for the project. I introduced the use of Figma to the team. During the process, I had to incorporate feedback from multiple internal stakeholders while working within constraints, like the size of the brochure.

Guiding Questions

  • What information must be on the brochures?

  • Who are the stakeholders of the project?

  • In what size will the brochures be?

  • What can be done better as compared to the former brochures?

  • The size of the brochures has to be 1/3 of a standard computer paper in order to fit in the boxes where they will be presented.

  • One side of the brochure has to be the aquatics section while the other side has to be fitness section.

  • Operating hours, prices, contact information, and a list of gym equipment have to be on the brochures.

  • Rules & regulations, etc. have to be written somewhere as well.


What have I learned?

  1. Best to have QR codes link to the official organization's website instead of third-party websites.

  2. Best to think about margins & columns early in the design process.

  3. Verify information myself as much as possible.

Future Considerations

  1. Iterate the design based on received feedback from the public.

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